Bulk Composition entry & Liquid Composition Display

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Graph of Solid Composition

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Phase Proportions & Thermodynamic Properties

Units for Phase Proportions

System Properties Display

Status Display

Liquid Composition Input Box


The liquid composition panel serves two functions. It's used to

When the user types in a new system bulk composition, she enters the data in the text entry box. These are the regions on the panel with the white background. The units are grams, and the input composition need not sum to 100 grams. Each text entry box can only hold five characters. Regardless of the precision on entry, MELTS maintains an internal precision of +/- 0.01 grams.

Once the calculation begins, either by choosing Find Liquidus or Execute/Halt from the Commands menu, the displayed composition will be normalized to 100 grams (i.e. wt % oxides).

If the last entry of the status box display is the line:

Current state of the system recorded in file MELTS.OUT

then the liquid composition panel displays an equilibrium composition and the phase proportions and properties panel displays equilibrium proportions of liquid and solid phases in the system.

If the last entry of the status box display is some other message, then the liquid composition panel displays what is most probably a metastable composition.