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System Properties

The System Properties Display panel reports on the current state of the system. For example, part way through a model calculation involving equilibrium crystallization of MORB, the display might look like this:


Masses are reported in grams. liquid refers to the current mass of the liquid phase. solids refers to the current mass of solids in the system. This does not include the mass of solids fractionated out of the system (for more information on modeling fractionation see the Fractionation entry of the options menu). On the above display, no mass of assimilant or mass of fractionated phases is reported. These would appear in a column on the right.

By default, the f O2 of the system is reported in base 10 logarithm units. Alternate units may be selected from the popup menu:


Using the left mouse button with the cursor positioned over the unit display, click to bring up the menu selections:


The delta entries refer to the difference (in log 10 units) of the system oxygen fugacity and that defined by the indicated synthetic buffer, at the temperature and pressure of interest. Abbreviations include:

    HM - Hematite-Magnetite

    NNO - Nickel-Nickel Oxide

    QFM - Quartz-Fayalite-Magnetite

    IW - Iron-Wustite