MELTS for Linux

Paula Antoshechkina at Caltech has kindly built the latest version of rhyolite-MELTS/pMELTS for Ubuntu and RedHat Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. These versions of rhyolite-MELTS/pMELTS are code-identical to the latest Mac OS builds. Users with older Ubuntu systems (pre-12.10) should use the RedHat versions and those with Fedora systems should use the Ubuntu versions. The executables are zip-compressed and downloadable:

Consult MELTS for Mac OS X for additional information about rhyolite-MELTS, including instruction on how to cite model results.


You can also install MELTS for Linux on computers running Windows 10. See Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux and installing the Rhyolite-MELTS GUI on the Caltech website. If you use a high resolution screen on a laptop, see also Rhyolite-MELTS (or other software) display is tiny on high-resolution screen.