MELTS experimental database

MELTS and pMELTS are calibrated from experimental results on the compositions of solid and liquid phases equilibrated over a wide range of compositions, temperatures and pressures. The experimental database used to calibrate the liquid thermodynamic model in MELTS is a subset of the larger database utilized in the calibration of pMELTS. The pMELTS database can be searched by the user, and the search results downloaded.

The experimental database underlying the rhyolite-MELTS calibration is identical to MELTS with the exception of a few critical calibration constraints obtained from melt inclusions in rhyolite. See the following article by Gualda et al. for details.

Gualda G.A.R., Ghiorso M.S., Lemons R.V., Carley T.L. (2012) Rhyolite-MELTS: A modified calibration of MELTS optimized for silica-rich, fluid-bearing magmatic systems. Journal of Petrology, 53, 875-890.

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