Magma Chamber Simulator

The Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) quantifies the impact of simultaneous recharge, assimilation and crystallization through mass and enthalpy balance in a multicomponent-multiphase (melt+solids±fluid) composite system. The computer code utilizes the energy-constrained approach within rhyolite-MELTS to generate phase equilibria, thermal, mass and mineral and melt compositional data, and a separate excel spreadsheet calculates trace element and isotopic results. Please study Bohrson et al. 2014 in Journal of Petrology (55 [9]: 1685-1717, doi:10.1093/petrology/egu036) for more information on the model. Users should be familiar with the MCS approach before any attempt to use the code for maximum efficiency.

The MCS can be used on data sets that include whole-rock, melt inclusion and mineral major and trace element and isotopic data.  Suites of petrologically related data are required, and relative or absolute age constraints are preferred. 

We invite collaborations using the MCS. Because the tool is labor-intensive to learn and has particular computer requirements, modeling must be done at either Central Washington University (CWU) or University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The CWU MCS Lab is the primary lab; UCSB will only be used if scheduling at CWU is not available. Students who wish to include modeling as a part of their graduate work are encouraged to apply.

Please note that all travel expenses, including accommodation in either Ellensburg WA or Santa Barbara CA is the responsibility of the researcher. There are no costs associated with the modeling.

Co-authorship is anticipated on articles and abstracts that include a substantial modeling component. 

Please complete the form below and submit it.  Upon review of your application, we will be in touch as soon as possible with an estimate of the amount of time required to learn MCS and complete the modeling goals. We anticipate that a minimum of 5 days will be required, as learning how to use the code and interpret the results can be somewhat time-consuming.

-Wendy Bohrson and Frank Spera

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Please describe the data set that you wish to model. Include number of samples, location, types of data, etc.

Please describe the modeling goals (e.g., to model AFC history of a suite of basalts; to model RAFC history of a volcanic field)

Preferred timeframe: Please list dates when you are available to travel to CWU or UCSB. Note that final scheduling is dependent on your open dates as well as available slots in the MCS lab.

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