Magma Chamber Simulator

A Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) website is under construction and should be live by October 2017.

The MCS uses an algorithm that quantifies the effects of concurrent magma recharge (R), assimilation (A) of partial melts or stoped blocks, and fractional crystallization (FC) on the petrological and geochemical evolution of a magma body. The MCS integrates the IGOR interface, used to initialize and execute the user-defined RnAFC scenario, with one of four user-chosen MELTS engines (v1.2.x, 1.1.x, 1.0.x, or pMELTS). The output provides phase relations (composition and abundances of all phases) for each sub-system (wallrock, recharge reservoir and magma body) as well as additional RnAFC thermodynamic metrics along the path of composite system thermal equilibration. Trace elements and isotopic ratios (Sr, Nd and Pb) for all phases and sub-systems are computed based on user input initial bulk compositions and partition coefficients. Details regarding the MCS algorithm may be found in this publication:

Bohrson et al. 2014 Journal of Petrology (55 [9]: 1685-1717, doi:10.1093/petrology/egu036). 

For details and availability of the MCS, please contact Frank Spera or Wendy A. Bohrson.