Web applets

These Web applets rely on older technology and may not run in modern browsers. They are provided here due to user demand.

This applet is an update to the original MELTS/pMELTS applets. It allows the user to perform simulations of crystallization and assimilation in magmatic systems under various evolution scenarios, such as adiabatic decompression melting, fractional crystallization, etc.
These applets provide thermodynamic properties of mineral endmembers and solid solutions known to the MELTS package. The user must input mineral composition, temperature and pressure. The MELTS and pMELTS applets provide a means to calculate heterogeneous phase equilibria in magmatic systems as a function of bulk composition, temperature and pressure.
This applet allows the user to select a phase, optionally input its composition, convert between practical and thermodynamic components, and calculate thermodynamic properties of the phase as a function of temperature and pressure.