Using MELTS to calculate an Isobaric, Isenthalpic Assimilation Model

This example demonstrates how to do an isobaric, isenthalpic assimilation model using MELTS. We will use the same initial conditions and assimilant as in the isobaric, isothermal assimilation example and impose th e constraint of constant enthalpy.

This example requires MELTS version 2.0.1 or later to run. Check the readme.first file

from the MELTS ftp archive to see if this version is available for your hardware platform.

SiO2 48.21 TiO2 1.70 Al2O3 15.23 FeO(T) 10.00 MgO 8.72 CaO 11.51 Na2O 2.29 K2O 0.20 H2O 0.10